We believe that the success of a business is dependant on being able to place your idea or product into the minds of the consumers. The only way to do this is with intelligent and innovative advertising and marketing. Advertising makes your ideas and profits grow. We sell various advertising depending on the needs of your business.

We specialize in generating targeted, great-converting traffic. Our clients trust us and recommend us to their friends. By uniquely displaying ads in and around our content, we help our clients achieve great conversion rates and retention rates. When you advertise with us you can be certain that every click to your website is highly targeted and the surfer has a proven interest in your product.

Our customers enjoy the benefits of our advanced ad serving technology which maximizes the effectiveness and simplicity of their campaigns! We've spent the last two and a half years developing a revolutionary new system that automatically optimizes campaigns for our clients. Our system intelligently distributes your ads across our network to ensure you get the best quality traffic as quickly as possible. Here are a few of the benefits:

* Click-Thru Ratio Optimization: If you provide multiple Text Link and Banner creations for your site, we automatically adjusts the percentage of rotation each ad gets based on click-through ratio so that ads which deliver clicks quickly are displayed more often.

* Support for Rich Media Creatives: We now support interactive banner formats like Flash, Hosted Banners, and HTML banners.

* Advanced Conversion Tracking: Are you a number cruncher? No problem! You can provide unique tracking URL's for each creative you send us. We can also use unique URL's for each of the traffic sites so you can track the performance of each of them separately.

* Detailed Performance Statistics: Our reporting interface will quickly and easily give you details on every aspect of your campaign including clicks, impressions, click-thru ratios broken down by each of our sites and each of your creatives.

We only deliver high quality category specific traffic from sites specifically tailored and fitted to your needs. The traffic is filtered so every person visiting your site has requested to see your site.

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